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Ramunto’s offers three different styles of restaurants in our franchise. Choose between the larger sit down style or the more convenient take out.

With a great product, a well-known name and hard work, we are taking our brand to the next level. We take pride in offering our customers the highest quality pizzas, pastas, salads and sandwiches on a daily basis for a great price. At Ramunto’s we push for a great atmosphere and great service to give our customers a wonderful experience to keep them coming back. At Flash Fire the customer can completely customize their pizza, salad or sandwiches.

Here at Ramunto’s we are a tight knit family. We have all worked closely together now for 15 years and have been successful doing it. Our franchise brings that same kind of work ethic into helping our franchisees become part of our Ramunto’s family. We will be there to help as you pick out a location, work with you through the construction process, give input on equipment and give you advice that we have learned along the way from our experience about how we have made our restaurants work.

Possible Future Locations

We are currently looking to expand master franchises (5 or more units) in South Eastern NH, Southern ME and Central Coastal ME. Single unit locations include Barre and Montpelier VT, as well as Littleton, Conway and Tilton NH. We are open to other possible locations depending on population, shopping and tourism.

What are the rates?

 *Single Franchise- 5%
 *Master Franchise (5 or more units) – 2.5%
 *National Advertising Fund- 2% (Currently not collected)
 *Minimum investment required- $250,000- $300,000

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do I get from the Franchise?

A: The Franchise will be with you every step of the way in getting you operational. We’ll help you determine a suitable location, guide you on build-out, train you and give you hand-in-hand support during your initial opening. Besides providing recipes, Brand name recognition and annual Franchise events, you’ll have the ongoing support of a Franchisor who has real world experience in their own Ramunto’s restaurants. Contact us today for more information!

Q: Do you offer Master Franchises?

A: Yes. Master franchises are available, with 2.5% royalties paid to Ramunto’s. The Master Franchisee itself retains 2.5% of restaurant sales within its in exchange for sharing managerial duties within its Exclusive Territory. The Master Franchise can also branch out and find it’s own ” franchisees”, collect 2.5% while the Main Franchisor (Us) collects the other 2.5%.


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